Patriot One About to Break Out on FCC Approval?

Shares of Patriot One have been trading sideways for a few months…basically since May. We believe that the upcoming FCC approval of their security device could be the the catalyst for breaking out of this range on the up side.

This narrow band of trading is the result of two opposing forces. On the positive side there has been a slew of good news. This includes winning prestigious awards for their product, announcing pre-orders that consume all near term production capacity, and, most recently, approval of their product by the Canadian regulatory agencies.

Holding PAT.V (PTOTF in the US) down during this time is a slew of shares that have been coming to the market from previous financings at the $.15 cent level.

We believe that the selling pressure is nearing its end. Meanwhile, the Company appears to be on the verge of getting FCC approval for its device. This approval is the key catalyst that will spark their business to launch. With selling pressure drying up, FCC approval could also spark their shares to break out of this range. 

Is FCC approval guaranteed? As we all know, the only two guarantees in life are Death and Taxes. However, FCC approval, based on their work with 3rd parties and their approval by IC Canada, appears to be about as sure a thing as exists in the market.

The writing is on the wall for Patriot One. They should get approval. This would then launch into new reseller agreements with major systems companies like Siemens and Tyco. Which would lead to greatly increased product orders. The company expects to ship 300 units (at $10,000 per) in Q4. We anticipate next year could be almost 8 times that figure.

Patriot One is on the threshold of a major product launch into an industry with no real competition. The shares are poised to break out and a major catalyst is rapidly approaching. (mic drop)

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