Trading Blog: INmune (INMB) and Cassava (SAVA)

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Spent a while on the phone with CJ Barnum, head of neuroscience at INmune (INMB), regarding Cassava (SAVA)’s recent clinical results and how they relate to INmune’s drug XPro1595. Here are the bullet points.
  • He think SAVA is interesting. Their drug shows activity and is worth exploring. It’s not competitive with XPro…possibly could be used in combination.
  • He calls the drug “promiscuous”. It attacks a lot of targets.
  • As such, he is concerned about the safety profile longer-term. Is it immuno-suppressant? We don’t know.
  • He believes their trial is BS in that it’s open label. It failed the first, blinded trial. Having an open label trial means patients know they are on drug and there is likely a significant “placebo effect”.
  • In regards to upstream or downstream…CJ thinks you need to focus on what is the disease progression of Alzheimer’s. If you think Immune Dysfunction is cause, then TNF is the primary driver and it’s the most upstream there is.
At the end of the day, he’s very glad to see increased attention on Alzheimer’s. In particular, if BIIB gets their drug approved, it means the FDA is approving drugs for AD and, importantly, after only one pivotal trial. This bodes well for time to market. Cassava has likely further validated inflammation as a target in AD.
CJ remains convinced that XPro is the single best drug he’s ever seen for fighting inflammation. He’s incredibly confident in their future.
I remain heavily weighted in INmune and believe this stock is going to be a massive winner over the next few years. The stock has pulled back from the initial Alzheimer’s related gains due to profit taking from traders and some minor concerns about the amount of time it is taking for Quellor results.
I would recommend anyone who is not fully invested here to take advantage of the recent weakness to build a position. Alzheimer’s is getting increasing attention in the market and INmune will be releasing more data from their trial over the next few months, as well as announcing the design of their Phase 2. In addition, the go/no-go on Quellor could be any day now.
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  1. Thanks, Dan!! Very reassuring when a insiders are that confident. I’m looking forward to Quellor news. I hope that’s positive, because it could send us to $10, if not.

    • Quellor go/no-go is highly unlikely to be negative based on everything I’m reading. The drug has minimal to zero side effects, so not sure how adding it to standard of care can make it substantially worse and shut down the trial…just doesn’t seem at all likely. Meanwhile, there’s continued publications stating the effectiveness of anti-inflammatories, and TNF inhibitors in particular, in Covid treatments.


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