Lantern Pharma’s Proprietary A.I. Platform for Precision Oncology Drug Development, RADR®, Surpasses 4.6 Billion Datapoints, Accelerating the Company’s Progress in the Development of Biopharma Collaborations and Partnerships and Advancing the Company’s Strategy to Develop the World’s Largest A.I. Platform for Oncology-Focused Drug Development & Rescue

- The growing A.I. platform, which is expected to reach 10 Billion datapoints in the next 12 months, has been instrumental in uncovering new indications and potential combination regimens leveraging machine learning algorithms for Lantern's pipeline of drug candidates - The platform has grown 16-fold over the past 12 months, and 4-fold over the past 4 months -- achieving a growth rate of approximately 1 billion data points each month during the first quarter of 2021 - The RADR® platform identifies genomically distinct cancer subtypes, provides mechanistic insight about drug-tumor interactions and uncovers patient groups that can respond to specific drugs and compounds that Lantern and its collaborators are developing

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