Trading Blog, October 5th, 2021

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I have trimmed Atomera (ATOM) today, taking about 20% out of the position. While not one to trade around positions too much, I had gotten pretty big in the stock at $15 when it dipped to that level back in May. The 50% rally since then has brought it to a larger position.

Normally, I wouldn’t mind this oversized position. However, the market has made me exceedingly cautious and I’m now looking to get bigger in several stocks that are more conservative; this in a universe that is decidedly not very conservative at all.

The two companies I follow that I believe are best positioned to ride out a tough market are Quest Resource Holdings (QRHC) and Amryt (AMYT). I intend to continue taking larger positions in both names.

Quest is the company most likely to excel in the current market environment; meaning one in which inflation is a big concern for investors. The Company passes costs through to customers, thus is a beneficiary of higher prices. The core business is growing nicely and there are potential accretive acquisitions out there on which I hope they can close one soon.

Amryt is generating cash and ramping sales rapidly. It trades at a very reasonable multiple and has a major catalyst coming in November; the PDUFA for Oleogel S-10. I think this is a relatively safe value play with great growth prospects as well.

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  1. Hi Dan: I hope all is well. On Stock Twits, someone put out a post that caught my attention that no one has answered yet. So I wanted to paste it here, the question to hopefully get your answer.

    @jayinpa @HodlandRelax @TW_Research I am invested in ANIX, was reading the info provided above. In the more information section it states the data will be shared with the FDA, DOD and ANIXA who has negotiated rights to the drug. It then states and any pharmaceutical partner who may wish to negotiate rights to the drug. I am confused , so does that mean it is not exclusive to ANIX? Anyone can claim rights to the drug? Apologize for being dumb on this. Appreciate the feedback. Thank you in advance.

    I thought ANIX was exclusive here. Is ANIX exclusive? Does ANIX have some kind of protection where ANIX receives all or most of the benefits after a successful human trials?

    Thank you very much.

    Sincerely, Tony Burton, aka Naulster

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