Movano Successfully Completes Functional Testing of Smallest Ever Custom mmWave Sensor Designed for Non-Invasive Glucose and Cuffless Blood Pressure Monitoring

TW’s Take: another positive step for Movano as they look poised to become the leaders in non-invasive glucose monitoring. 

PLEASANTON, Calif.May 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Movano Inc. (Nasdaq: MOVE), a purpose-driven healthcare solutions company at the intersection of medtech and consumer devicesannounces it has successfully validated the functionality of its proprietary and patented system-on-a-chip (SoC). At 4 mm x 6.7 mm, the SoC combines multiple antennas and a variety of frequencies in the smallest ever radio frequency (RF)-enabled integrated circuit (IC) designed specifically for blood pressure or glucose monitoring systems. Movano built the integrated sensor from the ground up in an effort to achieve an unprecedented level of precision in health monitoring, and has invested four years into this novel non-invasive sensor technology.

“The majority of current wearables on the market use off-the-shelf optical sensors, whereas Movano has made a significant investment into creating its own fully integrated mmWave sensor simply because the standard approach cannot deliver the level of accuracy, flexibility of form factor or cost we are aiming to achieve,” said Dr. John Mastrototaro, CEO of Movano. “RF offers the opportunity for increased accuracy in health monitoring across a broader population because it is not affected by different skin pigmentation, as can be the case with optical sensors.

In addition, our solution is fabricated using the latest processes in semiconductor technology, meaning the size can be smaller and the materials more cost-effective – giving us greater flexibility in the design of future medical devices and in our ability to offer a solution that’s affordable, so we can reach a larger, more diverse segment of people. In preparation for additional clinical studies, we’re integrating the SoC into a new, smaller prototype system to make further advancements on our quest to accurately measure blood pressure and glucose.”

This key milestone highlights Movano’s unique investment in R&D, and represents the culmination of a massive undertaking, led by engineers with decades of experience in RF, to shrink its multi-chip architecture from four ICs into a single integrated sensor. Alongside this milestone, the Company was granted a new patent, marking a total of seven U.S. patents currently issued to Movano. The new patent protects innovations around Movano’s multi-band chip design, which uses signal diversity and advanced signal processing capabilities, and will be integrated into various devices in the future.

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About Movano Inc.
Founded in 2018, Movano Inc. (NASDAQ:MOVE) is developing a platform to deliver purpose-driven healthcare solutions at the intersection of medtech and consumer devices. We are on a mission to empower and inspire you to live a healthier, happier life by combining vital health data with personalized intelligent feedback in stylish form factors. Movano plans to add medically validated data to its platform that caretakers and healthcare professionals can use to help you identify, treat or better manage the symptoms of chronic conditions.

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  1. As a long term DXCM investor since the $50s, I wish to say measuring glucose precisely is not that easy. It need to be accurate enough for the diabetes patients to make any sense of it. The most used criteria is 2/20. How accurate is this movano sensor in terms of MARD?


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