Current Holdings & Performance

The TW Research Select Portfolio is a combination of all the positions in every account managed by DFC Advisory Services LLC, the parent company of TW Research Group. DFC Advisory Services manages separately managed accounts for qualified investors. These accounts are domiciled at Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.

These are the current holdings of the Tailwinds Select Portfolio:

* Numbers prior to January 1, 2018 are based on the now-defunct TW Research Select Model Portfolio. Numbers prior to January 1, 2018 are not audited.

This is the historical performance of the TW Research Select Portfolio:

We have been managing separate accounts since January 1, 2018. Our performance figures since January 1, 2018 are inclusive of all accounts under management and reflective of a 1% management fee and a performance fee equal to 20% of returns in excess of a 5% annual hurdle rate.

We manage the accounts in a long only style, investing in select micro-cap opportunities. The accounts generally speaking will be invested in companies followed by TW Research Group. If you are a qualified investor and are interested in learning more about our money management services, please contact us at

Please do your own due diligence on companies before investing. While we hold these stocks for ourselves and our clients, you should consider your own circumstances before making any investment. We believe in the future of these companies, but stocks go both up and down.

Some, or all, of these companies may be compensating TW Research for coverage. We are not compensated for purchasing them in our portfolios, nor are we required to do so in our engagements. Please read our complete disclaimer here.

The preceding information is provided to You as a sample only.  Prior to using or implementing this information or any portion thereof, You should tailor the contents to fit your specific situation and should consult relevant regulatory authorities and/or legal counsel. DFC Advisory Services LLC does not represent or warrant that the information is suitable for You from a compliance, regulatory, legal, or any other perspective. We shall have no responsibility or liability for your use or non-use of the information or any portion thereof. We are not a law firm or CPA firm and do not provide legal or tax advice.