Trading Blog, October 14th, 2021

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I have added to my TFF Pharma (TFFP) and enVVeno (NVNO) positions in my trading account. I have made no trades in my long-term investment accounts.

TFFP announced this morning data from their Augmenta program. This is highly significant. Here are the bullet points.

  • The hamster data is better than that shown by other mAbs including Regeneron.
  • The powder version showed equal efficacy at lower doses
  • This opens up the market for outpatient use
  • They hope to enter trials in human early next year, not only as a therapeutic but as a prophylactic
  • I expect this accelerates partnering on the Augmenta product and confirms the platform being developed there; TFF has the right to partner on 2 more mAbs
  • Most importantly, this is the first ever powder version of a mAb to have animal data. It confirms that TFF is the only company capable of creating a powderized mAb.

We all know TFF is down from highs. Everyone (myself included as a cheerleader) expected big things, sooner. Especially in covid vaccines.

However, keeping it in perspective, the Company has advanced on many fronts. They also raised a lot of money at $12. Yet, the stock needs to rally 50% to get back to that level.

Glenn continues to pound the table on two deals. And, the company continues to put out excellent data. I think tax loss selling has created a tremendous buying opportunity.

On enVVeno (NVNO), i just added back some of the stock I sold recently. I’m absolutely convinced they announce first patient soon. Meanwhile, the stock acts great, volume is low and it’s cheap. I think we could have a big pop very soon.

To fund these purchases, I had to trim my INmune (INMB) trading position. This is basically my core position and, when I sell the other trades, the funds will go back into here. This remains my top idea and by FAR my largest holding. Just playing around the edge a little is all.

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